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Default Re: dental work complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maelin, OMG - you win.

That is by the far the WORST dentist story I have EVER heard. It makes me shudder just thinking of it. I'm glad he lost his right to practice, he doesn't deserve to be a dentist by the sound of. Good lord, if he was having a nervous breakdown, he should have stopped practicing until he had recovered. Did you sue him? I would have sued him.

I won't even let the dentist clean my teeth if I am awake. They can also completely forget about trying to give me an injection. The last time I went to the dentist, I actually went to a hospital instead. I made them knock me out completely with anisthetic before they touched me. They cleaned my teeth, gave me a filling & removed two wisdom teeth.

After hearing your story though, I think I'm a worse dentalphobe then before. If that is possible....
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