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Default Re: Let the Games Begin!

I agree with Kath; the "oldness" of the two photos really gives an authentic feel to both of them, especially considering the subject! Photographs can be "aged" like that using Photoshop of course, but I have yet to see one that looks as good as the real thing- which is what you've got there!

In the photo club that I'm in, we critique others' pics on several different categories, like Originality, Composition, Technique, etc. So, in my humble and entirely personal opinion;I like your creativity in focusing on and showing us a view of something that others might overlook, it's on the ground after all and not likely to be noticed, I like the way you chose the harness to spotlight.

Technically, it all looks good to me, everything sharp that's supposed to be, and I like the relatively plain background of the ground behind the harness.By the way, a good rule of thumb that I use is to sharpen ALL of my photos, even if they already look nice aznd sharp. There's often an incredible amount of detail in there, and the digitizing process inherently softens photos, so sharpening makes 'em pop. I shoot with a digital so there is no scanning, and I'm nearly always pleasantly surprised at the detail that I discover. I use Unsharp Mask to do this.

Compositionally (to borrow a word from Kath), the second photo especially has an awesome focal point, and they both tell a nice story about the very personal "stuff" that's left behind when people move on. I wonder what happened to the horse who wore that harness, or the farmer who rode him? In the 2nd photo, I also like how the harness itself is decidely off-center in the whole picture, which adds interest. That tosses "the rule of thirds" out the window, which is fine! Rules are made to be broken, "they're more like guidelines anyway".

Now that you've got it digitized, you can play and there's almost no cost involved. So much of how the final print of a photo comes out is so entirely personal, it's what YOU like best. Try cropping it differently, or adjusting the color a little. . . whatever suits your fancy.

Sound academic enough for ya??
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