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Default Re: When has Anne McCaffrey become answerable to Feminists?

Getting back to Jaxom/Corana --- she'd been flirting with him right from the start, but the timing was never convenient till Chapter 8, when they had consensual sex. And she'd been dropping hints that a fire-lizard egg would be welcome even before that. In Pernese society, being the Lord Holder's mistress could bring advantages to your family, especially if you produced a son.

The time after the green-flight (Chapter 12) --- as the Weyrling-master pointed out, even non-riders can be affected at such times, and Jaxom planned to solve the problem by going for a swim in Ruatha's ice-cold lake. But Ruth overruled him and took him straight to Corana, being aware that "it is good for you". In retrospect, Jaxom was "disgusted and revolted by the way he had used Corana. . . . . Their relationship, once innocent pleasure, had somehow been sullied".

Shortly after that, he went South with incipient firehead, met Sharra, and decided she was the one to marry.

And he did remember to send Corana her fire-lizard egg when he got hold of one.
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