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Default Re: Ship Cats, listening to audio of it book not to hand.

Originally Posted by eann View Post
The cat's name is Zuzu and the ship I would have to look up but you're right, it's French and historical. Have you ever been to a medium or someone like that and had them ask you after they told you all this stuff about yourself that they never remembered what they said during the session? I'm beginning to think my memory is a bit like that. I'm really thoroughly into it while I'm writing it but afterwards I don't usually remember names or anything more than the general idea--rereading my own solo books now as I make them into e-books I am constantly amazed at how bloody clever I was. (pat pat--ouch--that's me hurting myself as I pat myself on the back).
Well said, I've read a few clips, and it taking time for me to understand them somewhat. And thanks for the name.
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