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Oh, I've done scads and scads of short stories for various theme anthologies--the only one I recall as being set in another author's world though was one I wrote for Andre Norton for a Witch World antho. It might have been my very first short story.
I'd have done one for Acorna or any of the other of Anne's worlds if I had had the time. But often the deadlines are rather quick on these things. The antho I most enjoyed working on was the one Annie and I edited together called Space Opera. We got some really wonderful stories for that--Spider Robinson's and Gene Wolfe's still stand out in my mind. But that wasn't set in a particular world. It would be very challenging to do something for any of the large and intricate constructs of some authors but I wouldn't mind trying one for Terry Pratchett's Disc (or is it with a "k"?) World should the opportunity arise. Only if I got to play with some of his characters. I'm just now listening to the Wee Free Men series on audio books and it's still a joy. I also like Johnny and the Dead (and the Bomb and there was one other one) and the Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents.
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