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Default Re: Hoe zeg je... / how do you say......

Oh, yes. We have our equivalent of that. Like the current German we used to have cases and all sorts of archaic language use. We did away with all that; well, most of but still have the opportunity to use the old stuff since, because is is an inherent part of a living language, you can do away with it.

Like the Germans still have in "sie" en "Sie" we have "je" and "U", while the archaic form of "U" (which can be used as "thee" and indeed is used in older Dutch formal text) is "Gij" (pronounced with a hard, throaty G and with the ij being the Dutch second y sound unique to us but close to the y in dyke).

Many young people won't know squat about all this but as a historian and genealogist I read many an old text, varying from 20th century to 13th century and occasionally even older ones. So I must say I know quite a bit more than average without being a linguist.
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