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Default Re: Not sure if this has already been asked/answered somewhere, but...

Sorry I'm getting into this so late but Afra was able to tell Rowan was pregnant with Jeran because of her Aura. The Tower and the Hive US May 2000 Ace paperback ed pg 213 states “… and in an unusual display of affection, Stoked her head. His hand stopped and wrinkled in surprise.” Kincaid told him Laria was carrying his child and Afra stated it was very recent because he could barely detect the physical changes.

Earth Prime Reidinger increased Afra's T rating from 4 to 3 just from pathing him when Rowan was on Deneb bringing Jeff back in Damia US Feb 1993 Ace paperback ed pg 70 This was when Afra was about 20. In Damia’s Children US Feb 1993 Ace paperback ed pg 13 he’s listed as a T2 and he would be about 59 because Laria was 15 and Damia was 35 because she was about 20 when Laria was born. There was also mention that Afra was as close to Prime as he cared to be.
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