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Default Re: Not sure if this has already been asked/answered somewhere, but...

Originally Posted by ghost8772 View Post
or vice versa,

ran a google search, it listed accupressure as a homeopathic remedy, which struck a chord of memory within the tower and hive area of memory. In that time as well as currently, homeopathic remedies have a dubious reputation. So, put the two together, mapping of energy paths in the body, and ability to believe that they perceive whats happening, backed by Talent, gives the process power in orders of magnitude, like the difference between striking a match, and detonating a nuclear weapon.
Homeopathy != accupressure/accupuncture

Both are so-called 'alternative' medicines, but while the latter has demonstrably been proved effective beyond the placebo level (even if we don't understand WHY), homeopathy most certainly has not.
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