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Default Re: Not sure if this has already been asked/answered somewhere, but...

Another thought: Actually, given that Talent as a process is quantum mechanical, some strength must be consumed by the mechanics of the merge. That is, the nonfocus mind(s) have got to be sending power to the focus mind.
This energy must first be directed outside the 'drone' mind, then 'beamed' at the focus mind, and finally redirected by the focus mind into useful work (that's 'work' as defined by physicists, mind)

By the second law of thermodynamics... in any natural process -- and IIRC all real processes are natural -- some energy is going to be converted to a less useful form (ie, "lost" or "degraded"). Naturally enough, this loss is referred to as "energy degradation"... and there are at least three processes involved as soon as linking comes into play. :P
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