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Default Re: Let the Games Begin!

Parenthetically (there's my 25-cent word of the day), this is the kind of harness you use for draft work; plowing, pulling a wagon, etc. That's what the wooden pieces are in the upper photo. I've always had these two displayed in their album in this order, because I felt the diagonal piece of wood in the upper photo seems to lead the eye down to the second photo. The shots were taken in an old barn whose door faced east, in late afternoon/early evening, so believe it or not, there's not a great deal of color shift over the 3 decades. At least, I'll think that until I find the negatives and print them up fresh. I can scan directly from slides and negs on my Epson scanner and am looking forward to going through all my old stuff and printing up stuff that I gave the original prints of away.
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