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Default Re: Collecting Highlight (76) TOP SCIENCE FICTION and TOP FANTASY by Josh Pachter

Josh has sent a follow up email with more information:

I can give you a bit more information, Hans, which you're welcome to post. The German edition of TOP SF appeared in three volumes, not two but the German TOP FANTASY did come in two volumes, as Becky noted. There was also a one-volume Argentinian edition of TOP SF, and a two-volume Finnish edition

The first of my TOP anthology was TOP CRIME (not TOP CRIMES), and there was in fact also a TOP HORROR, although McCaffrey wasn't represented in either of those.

Only TOP CRIME had a US edition. All four titles had German editions, all but TOP FANTASY appeared in Dutch, and TOP HORROR was only released in Holland and Germany.

I remember Anne McCaffrey as being extremely friendly and helpful as I put together TOP SF and TOP FANTASY. Some of the writers were real prima donnas, but she was a pleasure to work with.

I think I have a cover picture of the Finnish edition. I have been searching for that copy for a few years now for my friendand fellow collector Linda (Lady Maelin).
The Argentinian version is totally new to me and I'll be searching for it!
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