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Default Re: Future Time Measurement

AIVAS couldn't actually completely logically make sense of the fact of the time-travel or the seemingly self-evident nature of what it was asking Jaxom to do.

But the fact remains that before they even landed, the astronomers had already noted that there would be times when the Red Star wouldn't bring the Oort cloud debris close to Pern in the usual pattern. That was over eight years before AIVAS even knew about Thread!

It wasn't until the 9th Pass that AIVAS decided to explode the other 2 engines at those times and places, seemingly causing the Long Intervals, although they would have occurred anyway. The best theory that I have heard is that AIVAS took those times in the Red Star's orbit and used the extra shock power of the explosions to further jolt the orbit so by the time the final one happened in the 9th Pass it had pushed it far enough away out of its initial orbit to stop it affecting Pern.

The Long Intervals were natural - they just received a boost!

As for the engines pushing the planet along the same vector as the line of sight from Pern and therefore still being visible in the Star Stones ..... I'm not expert enough to refute what you say, but simple science seems to be sounding alarms in my brain!!
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