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Default Re: Future Time Measurement

This was a facinating read...and I appauld all these post. These are the best kinds of book discussions... when we get to probe the depths and mysteries of a wonderful story in such interesting discussions.

I have often wondered just how much intelligence AIVAS really had. To be able to manipulate a whole population, he truly must have been much more than just a futuristic computer system...but one that was capable of independant that could change it's plans, so that they would work even with the disruptions and mistakes from the mere humans he had to work with.

I would expect that the Pernese would be able to see the Red star passing close to Pern for at least what would have been known at the 10 pass if thread would have still been falling. After that I would more than likely passed out of rang of the Star Stones to predict or see it's coming.

As far as using Turn, Pass, interval...etc I would think that these types of
terms would end up being discarded as time passed, when they had little or no meaning. The term *Year* was being use during them time of I see that continuing...along with many of the other things that he corrected them on.
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