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Default Re: Future Time Measurement

You make some good points there. I personally think that that one line in DE/RSR about AIVAS shutting itself down was just a mistake.

The Long Intervals without Thread Fall would have happened anyway. However by adding a "little extra thrust" at those times during the Red Star's orbit (when it was being pulled away from Pern by the other planets in the Rukbat system) it set the Red Star up for one final "push" in present times where it's orbit could be changed forever, where it would eventually spiral inwards and end up being sucked into Rukbat and burned up.
That's pretty much how I've looked at it too.

I'll have to go back to AtWoP though, because I didn't remember that the planet was to spiral into the sun - I thought it was just the two colony ships that would do that.

Oh, and while "Pass" and "Interval" would quite likely fade from use, why in the world would "Turn" and "Turnover"? I don't remember a widespread usage of "year" in the post-AIVAS books. I would think that sort of change would be resisted even more than "new" technology.
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