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Default Re: His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik

Almaron, your charts are off -- I think -- where it concerns my country.

In this time wgat is now The Netherlands and Belgium was still one country, but that aside.

Already in 1793 the French stood at the southern Netherlands (what is now Belgium and the most southern provinces (Noord-Brabant and Limburg).
In the winter of 1794-1795 they marched in=to "Holland" proper (The Netherladns above the great rivers Maas and Rhine, a natural divide). The Netherlands was occupied.
In 1795 Stadhouder (we had no monarchy then) William V fled to England.
In 1707 we were also totally defeated at sea by the French.
In 1799 the Brits and Russian liberated parts of northern Holland.
In 1809 the British landed in southern Holland (Zeeland province) but they retreated again.
In 1813 the French went home except for one city in the north whose commander didn't believe Napoleon could/had fallen and he presevered until May 1814! :-)
Until 1913 the Dutch celebrated the liberation from the French in the way we now still celebrate the liberation from the Nazi's in 1945! So there was much hardship. There were also many good things, mainly in civil services, on municipal level and in the political system.

from 1705-1801 our country was called the Batavian Republic (under the French)
from 1801-1806 it was the Batavian Commonwelath
In 1804 Nappie became emperor and he put his brother on the Dutch 'throne' as king in 1806, so we were the Kingdom of Holland from 1806-1810 but King Louis was far to popular and actually well liked in my country. His brother couldn't stomach that and he made The Netherlands part of the First French Empire in 1810.
In 1813 William V's oldest son returned to the country and was ratified as king by the Vienna Congres in 1815. We have been a monarchy ever since.
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