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Default Re: His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik

Something new to go with this; a map showing the territorial changes over the course of the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars. Should help people get a better sense of the world in those times, and also know where the action's taking place!

KEY: (in order of appearance)
Red: Kingdom Of Great Britain (later United Kingdom Of Great Britain & Ireland) & Electorate Of Brunswick-Luneburg(Hanover)
Blue: French Republic (later Empire)
Dark Orange: Kingdom Of Spain
Light Pink: Kingdom Of Portugal
Light Orange: Dutch Republic
Light Green: Kingdom Of Sardinia
Purple: Kingdom Of Sicily
White-Grey: Venetian Republic
Dark Yellow: Kingdom Of Denmark(-Norway)
Light Yellow: Kingdom Of Sweden
Gold: States of the Holy Roman Empire
Brown: Austrian Empire
Dark Pink: Kingdom Of Prussia
Orange-Pink: Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth
Purple-Pink: Russian Empire
Green: Ottoman Empire
Grey: Other State
Light Blue: French Client State
Light Brown: Confederation Of The Rhine
Dark Grey: Various German States
Yellow-Orange: Occupied German States
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