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Originally Posted by semantre View Post
To bring this post up to current events:
Misty has, after almost 20 years, finally returned to writing Diana Tregarde stories! This October will see a new book, Trio of Sorcery, which will contain a novella centered on Diana. I'm looking forward to this - I have always loved the Diana Tregarde stories the best. She's also going to release another Elemental Masters book in the next couple of years, and that will be good stuff too.
You know, I heard of that too, and it really surprised me. I'd taken away from her "The Last Straw" essay that she wasn't going to write another one due to the crazies coming out of the woodwork.

Turns out, I mis-remembered portions of it, and new ones didn't come out due to the series not being all that popular, and THAT set off the crazies. (Given that essay has a healthy heaping of rant to it, that's probably why I skimmed it and later mis-remembered.)

Interesting, still, that there's a new one coming out.
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