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Default Re: Acorna's Children Third Watch

I'm about half way thru the book. I do hope that it's the end because I don't like books that are a continuation of a prior book. That is one of the best things about the Pern books, most anyway, they each END. You don't have to wait for the ending in another book, then get hooked on that book and not have an ending till another book comes along. Ugh, they drive me nuts! Anne did Pern right by just coming up with other events but using the same characters.
Unfortunately I've read thru the last few books so quickly I don't remember them when the next book comes out. So I am a bit confused, but wanted to read an Anne book so just decided to go for it with this one. I'll have to read the first two after I get settled in the new house. Just to help this one make better sense.
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