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Default Re: Errors in Changling

Originally Posted by Jenny
I have recently bought and read Changling and while I enjoyed it I found some startling consistency errors. Several times Nanook and Coaxl(sp) are refered to as being either male/female in one sentence and then in another it will switch. If memoryserves me Nanook was male, and Coaxl was female. Now I just finished reading but if some else has some insight on this let me know.
Yup, I saw that as well. The things that I noticed:

The change of Nanook's sex from male to female:

Nanook as male: "Nanook's diction was.. much better than the dog's. Clodagh regarded her speculatively. 'It talked to me,' Bunny told her, blinking rapidly. 'This cat is a he, not an it' Clodagh told her." (Powers That Be (Corgi, 1994) p. 272-3)
"Nanook's ears were the first part of him to wake up." (Changelings (Ballantine, 2006) p. 13)

Nanook as female: "Nanook complained. The intrepid track cat was getting a little tired of playing nanny. Nevertheless, she dutifully turned round and used her hind paws to spray powdery snow over the snow pants and parkas" (Changelings, p. 40)
"Hush younglings, Nanook's voice, purring and kind, said, as she insinuated her soft furry self between them and lay down with her head cradled on her paws" (Changelings, p. 83) [bold added

Yana's demotion from Colonel back to Major:

Colonel:Whittaker Fiske: " ' Colonel Yanaba Maddock and Dr Sean Shongili... will share a joint governorship of this planet, Petaybee...' " (Power Lines (Corgi, 1995) p. 372)
" 'You've been well, Millard?' 'Tolerably, thank you, Colonel Maddock-Shongili' " (Power Play (Corgi, 1996) p. 42)
Major:"Major Yanaba Maddock-Shongili was quite will to assume the seat and stretch her legs" (Changelings, p. 9)

And the simple (but annoying) drop of the last 'e' from Johnny Greene's name:

Greene: " 'Captain John Greene of the shuttle Sockeye' " (Powers That Be, p. 315)
Green: " "Johnny!" they both cried, and ran to hug Captain Green" (Changelings, p. 45)
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