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Default Re: Possible List Of Hold Foundings

Had another look at DB to see which Holds had been founded by the end of the Pass - the older Pern books state that the Weyrs were founded in the intervals, but we now know this to have been retconned.

By the end of the First Pass, the following places existed:

Fort Hold
Fort Weyr
Southern Boll Hold
Ruatha Hold
Tillek Hold
Benden Weyr
Benden Hold
Telgar Hold (and likely Telgar Weyr)
Ista Weyr (and likely Ista Hold - a settlement existed there prior to the Weyr)
High Reaches Weyr

RSR states that Bitra was established after the "First Fall", and we know Crom wasn't founded until the start of the Second Pass. This leaves the following places unaccounted for:

High Reaches Hold
Igen Weyr
Igen Hold
Keroon Hold
Lemos Hold
Nabol Hold
Nerat Hold

High Reaches Hold was likely founded with the Weyr. Igen's timing is uncertain - if the old order of Weyr founding is still accurate, then it would likely have been founded first, and the Hold afterwards. As suggested above, this likely means it was done to get an even amount of coverage on the north continent, and probably also to protect expanding territories, such as Keroon, which could possibly have been founded around the same time as Bitra, both being vast stretches of land near the main settlement at Benden.
DLG states that Nerat was founded by the Benden settlers who docked there when heading north, so that could have been founded before or at the same time as Bitra.

Due to the fact that they haven't been mentioned thus far, I'd assume that Lemos and Nabol were founded after the First Interval. The DLG states Lemos was founded by the children of Bart Lemos (which could either mean that Lemos had kids, whether from a union of some sort or even a one night stand). It also states that Lemos was founded as an offshoot of Benden, which either means that it predates Bitra Hold (which would be necessary, as his kids would likely have passed away by that point), or that the DLG is wrong again, and it was founded by historical revisionists, as at Bitra.

Nabol wasn't popular when he was alive, was he? It could be that if Nabol was the last hold founded, the inhabitants were really just trying to show their support for the example set by Bitra and possibly Lemos, and picked the last name left.
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