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Default Re: Possible List Of Hold Foundings

(Argh, another old topic) Was reading through RSR/DE again, and from what I saw it could be that Crom wasn't the last Holding founded. At the meeting of Lord Holders at the beginning, Keroon, Igen, Lemos and Nabol weren't mentioned, and were not even in the character list at the start of the book. Igen Weyr did exist however, and Keroon Hold was mentioned as a location later on, could this suggest that Keroon was a minor Hold by the 2nd Pass, and Igen not populated then either?

Should probably go over and edit one of my old notes again - Nabol was likely founded by Ruathans, not Tillekians; Nabol is essentially one big valley that exits into Ruathan territory, although the main road goes over the hills to nearby Crom.

Something else I noticed was that apparently the title of Lord Holder was granted to the original major northern stakeholders. I wonder, were these stakeholders the same holders of major stakes in the south? We know that Ierne settlers founded Benden (and likely Bitra and Nerat)...although, no, most of these were set up by people from Landing. Ah well. I just thought that Lemos was supposed to have been founded by Bart Lemos' kids, or perhaps maybe by the people who shared a stake with him in the south.
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