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Default Possible List Of Hold Foundings

Some time back, I was reading through the Atlas of Pern, and I was also wondering about the order of the foundings of the holds and weyrs. I had seen various inconsistencies over some things, such as which weyr was built third (High Reaches or Telgar?). Personally, I think that the older notes are the accurate ones, and an possible explanation for the mistakes is that the records were damaged over time on Pern. Presented here, is a theory I made about the founding of the holds, using notes from the books, as well as some notes from the DLG, and noting the hold sizes and divisions from the Atlas.

1. Fort Built
We know Fort was built first, and everybody was forced to cram into it.
2. Fort Weyr Built
With the dragons getting bigger in both size & population, a home was needed. This had been completed by the time Boll was built.
3. Southern Boll Built
Started in 17AL, Pierre de Coucis, husband of the late Emily Boll, took a group of people and started his own hold, which was used for people to expand in.
4. Ruatha Built
Started in 19AL, Red Hanrahan took a group of people to not only build a new home, but to provide room for livestock.
5. Tillek Founded
Simultaneously started, Zi Ongola took a group of people to found a new hold. Jim Tillek & the Dolphineers joined them.
6. Telgar Built
Telgar was built after people got less fearful of thread and started spreading out. Telgar started as a mininghold.
7. Tillek Named
Jim Tillek had died by now, and had presumably served as Lord Holder for a while, and the hold was named for him.
8. People Spreading
As Mentioned above, people were starting to leave Fort in favour of founding their own holds. Although not founded yet, Bendenites would move westwards to colonize, and Fort eastwards.
9. Colony on Big Island (Ista)
A minor colony exists on Ista (Still called Big Island), as referred to in First Fall.
10. Telgar & Ista used as overflow Weyrs
Mentioned in First Fall, the site of Telgar Weyr was being used as an overflow point for fighting dragons, while the site of Ista Weyr was being used for mating queens. Neither were considered “Permanent Weyrs”.
11. Boll Expanded
Boll is mentioned to have expanded enough that Fort Weyr has to protect it and its many cotholds.
12. Benden Weyr Built
Started in 20AL, Benden Weyr was created to reduce crowding in the packed Fort Weyr, and was positioned so to gain help from settlers in the area.
13. Telgar & Ista planned for development
As new Weyrs were being founded, Telgar and Ista were proposed to be founded next as there were settlers already there. Dragons lived there while others found time to help built the Weyrs.
14. Benden Founded
Colonised by the inhabitants of Longwood, Benden Hold was completed with the help of the nearby Weyr, who let the settlers live in their caverns until the hold was completed.
15. Telgar Recognised as Major Hold
Telgar has been mentioned as being founded after Benden, so presumably it wasn’t as important until now. Plus settlers were starting to spread, and presumably a majority set up farming holds in the vast Telgar area.
16. Nerat Founded
According to the DLG, Nerat was founded by people from the same group who founded Benden. Their ships landed here, and some stayed to found Nerat, while others came back at a later date. The name Nerat comes from the initials of the founders.
17. Ista Founded
Despite a small colony existing there, Ista was built by colonists from Ierne Island (Uppsala & Lochahatchee), and, like Nerat, was named from the initials of the founders.
18. Nabol Founded
Judging by the size and the borders, Nabol was originally a part of Tillek, but a small group of dissidents who supported the actions of Nabhi Nabol split from it to form a new hold.
19. High Reaches Founded
We know that Fort expanded eastwards. Most would have gone to Telgar lands, some would have expanded into the surrounding region, and some would have moved north to found High Reaches Hold, which was named after a nickname for the mountains.
20. High Reaches Weyr Founded
Sorka mentions in First Fall that they have enough dragons for three, maybe four Weyrs. Presumably this was founded to not only protect the northern lands and help lighten Fort’s load, but also to provide room for the dragons that couldn’t fit at a crowded Fort or the unfinished Weyrs.
21. Benden Expands To Include Bitra & Lemos Lands
As mentioned below, Bitra and Lemos were both founded by Benden colonists, and presumably started out linked to the Major Hold.
22. Keroon Founded
Judging by the borderline and the expansion of the settlers, Keroon was founded by more settlers from Benden, who claimed the hills in the area, and this makes their border. The hold was obviously named for Ezra Keroon.
23. Lemos Founded
According to the DLG, Lemos was founded as an offshoot of Benden Hold, so Bitra must not have been built yet, for their lands to have been considered a part of Benden. Lemos was founded by Bart Lemos’s children, and some others who believed him an unsung hero.
24. Bitra Founded
According to the DLG, Bitra was founded by Bendenites who disagreed with the history of Avril Bitra as recorded by Benden Hold. They believed that she had gone for help while the leaders of Pern did nothing. They split from Benden and founded their own hold not very far from Benden.
25. Igen Founded
Igen could have been founded at any time, due to the location being dead centre of the northern continent, but the fact that the hold is on the eastern side hints that it was settlers from Benden. Being the least hospitable of lands, this probably also means that Igen was colonised last. Presumably this was also named by the initials of the founders. The land divisions would have been worked out later, as western Igen was probably considered a part of South Telgar.
26. Telgar Weyr Moves To Igen
According to the DLG, Igen flew Telgar lands for a while. Presumably, with the Weyr not completed and the cold hated by the riders, they moved to found Igen, which would need less construction work done on it, and which also had settlers nearby at South Telgar Hold that needed protecting.
27. Igen Weyr Founded
See Above. Igen is also mentioned as having the largest job for a while, protecting both Keroon and Igen river holds, as well as Telgar lands. Presumably this was until Ista was finished.
28. Ista Weyr Founded
According to the DLG, Ista came fifth, and construction was assisted by a child of Joel Lilienkamp. The Weyr was completed in the 42nd year of the colony (It isn’t clear whether they mean Ista or the continent in general. Prob Ista, as the DLG states that all Weyrs after Benden were built in the interval. This has since been Retconned.). Ista would have assisted the overworked Igen, and this explains their rather odd division of areas to protect.
29. Telgar Weyr Founded
The DLG states that Telgar Weyr was one of the earliest sites chosen, but the last to be occupied. Telgar was probably built to house extra dragons, and to relieve Igen from their vast areas of protection. Plus, the holders at Telgar were probably able to help with construction a lot more than before.
30. Crom Founded
Crom was founded towards the end of the second pass in an attempt to make mining easier by setting up a hold right next to one of the major mining areas. Judging by the border maps, they were given the entire North-West region of Telgar. Crom was, once again, named from the initials of the founders.
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