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Originally Posted by vyon View Post
I think there would be promotion among the staff of a bigger hold, though whether it is on merit or inheritance would probably depend on which hold. If a drudge showed initiative and was good at their job older staff do need replacement eventually. But that's a whole different question - are the older drudges etc. the "old aunties" or are those the extended family of the Holders?
I think the "old aunties" and "old uncles" would be all hold-members who are too old to do their regular work, but still able to help out around the hold. Some are even highly respected because of their craft knowledge, like the Weaving Aunt at Nerilka's Fort Hold, who knew all the brocade patterns that were the pride of the Hold (and probably a major trade item). And Menolly's Old Uncle was consulted when the tides were unusually high in case he remembered a similar situation.

In a well-run hold, everyone would be housed, fed and clothed according to their status in the community. Drudges who worked hard would be favoured over those who didn't pull their weight, and would have a chance to rise up the hierarchy.
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