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Drudges is simply the name adopted for the household staff who were engaged in the usual repetitive chores of running a large house. They were the cleaning staff, laundry staff, movers, and porters.

The name probably came about during First Fall, when the children (remember that there were only 6000 adults in a population of 20 000) were assigned these chores. Someone probably said that 'the drudgery has to be done' and the kids began to call the work 'drudge work'. This slowly became the name of the people doing it.

Think of Upstairs Downstairs or (for you youngsters) Downton Abbey. While the cast was large, there were also a lot of extras who appeared as house staff doing the cleaning, etc. I can recall one episode where a woman who had been house staff came back. When her identity was revealed, and the fact that she worked there for three years without the family ever talking to her, Lady Mary remarked that it did not reflect well on the family.

Drudges get ignored by family, ordered about by the personal servants, and generally fade into the background.

Less kept her hair covering her face and her clothing unkempt as a disguise. She fit in with the others because there was no uniform. Even if there was a uniform, drudges would be dirtier than other staff due to the type of work they do.
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