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Default Re: Dragon eggs and hatchling size

Either she's quite short, it's photoshopped, or they're Shires (but I think it's mostly a small lady and the angle of the photo. I've seen a few pictures where horses look MUCH bigger than they really are because of the person next to them being non-typical. It can work the other way, too, especially with fine-built horses. Lucky, my horse, is not nearly as short as his sale photo suggested because of the height and bulk of the person holding him. His "cousin" American Pharoah tends to look deceptively small, too when he's in fact one of the BIGGER Triple Crown winners.)

And the horse-dragon analogy can only go so far, is what I'm saying. Horse are running herbivores who spend most of their day (in nature) with their head down.) Dragons are predators described as being built to launch UPWARDS and have very flexible necks and tails who spend most of their movement time airborne, and would have to have a very different configuration of bone and muscle at the shoulder than a horse. The flexibility and the extra muscle in the back would mean their back (the only part really comparable to a horse, ie from the withers to the tail dock) would start out needing to be proportionally longer. And while Anne never really clarifies, most artwork shows dragons resting on their "elbows" with their forearms and front feet configured rather like a human elbow, forearm, and wrist. That means their front-leg shoulders (as opposed to wingshoulders) and foreleg construction can't be anything at all like a horse, so comparing heights using ground to withers would be dubious.
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