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Default Re: Dragon eggs and hatchling size

How big did the dragons really need to be?
18 turns after the first Hatching, Alaranth was only a hand taller at the shoulder than Faranth, and Torene was embarassed about that, so presumably Alaranth was now the biggest queen. Yet the Weyrs were doing a pretty good job of protecting the farmed area around Fort and maybe a few more places they wanted to have ready for farming. (I assume that with all the extra clutches, they were able to send wings out to keep more areas clear than just enough to feed the population and supply other needs.)

The oldtimers commented (adversely) on how big the modern dragons were, after 400 turns of inbreeding within a single weyr. I wonder how big the Eighth Pass dragons were? Maybe they'd already reached their intended size --- although in the event, the bigger dragons were useful for moving the Red Star.
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