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Default Re: Dragon eggs and hatchling size

The length difference for Carenath from the horse is going to be based on the measurements from the withers back. Dragons are always described as being rather 'downhill'--they have huge hindquarters for those leaping takeoffs, their walk is described as a crouch-hop--their front legs are shorter and thinner and the joints aren't in the same places as a horse's (who basically has one relatively-equal limb to a corner and being 'downhill' is a conformation fault if they don't grow out of it. Being "long-backed" is a major fault as the horse's back is relatively weak and a long one is not going to bear weight well.) They also have an extra set of limbs growing out of their shoulders that their back length has to account for. So just withers to dock on a dragon is going to make the back longer than a horse before the tail even becomes involved. Dragon necks also have to be proportionally longer to their body than a horse's because of all the times they're described as reaching, craning, stretching--horses CAN reach back, but it's a big stretch and they have limited upward flexibility--they can lift their head so their neck is more or less straight up, but that's about as high as it goes. You also wouldn't want to put any weight forward of the withers, while the bigger dragons have riders sitting on the neck.
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