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Default Re: Dragon eggs and hatchling size

Hey, Semantre, I have another question for you. Those hatchling calculations in feet you did, well, what if that number was the length of the hatchling from nose to tail base, with an extra half-length of tail? Could they still fit inside those eggs?

EDIT: Wait- nevermind, you already said those lengths included the tail. Besides, baby dragons don't have the same body proportions as adults. So my new idea might still work...

What got me thinking was that Carenath is said to be smaller than Ruth, but that his body is longer than a horse's. If Ruth is 20 feet long from nose to tail-fork, and Carenath is 10 feet long from nose to tail-fork, and Cricket the horse is 8 feet from nose to butt with a 5 foot long body with both he and Carenath being the same height at the shoulders (5 feet), and half of Carenath's total length is his tail, that would make his body only about 2 1/2 feet long if his proportions of head, neck, and body where scaled up from those of a horse.

That doesn't add up since in the book his body is longer than Cricket's. So I looked up how horses are measured since Ann had horses and based her dragons at least partly on them. Horses are measured in total length from nose to butt. So I was thinking what if Carenath's 10 feet were from nose to tail base, with an extra 5 feet of tail (the "tail is half total length" measurement). That way he'd still be 10 feet long and half that height at the withers, but have a longer body than a horse's. When I measured him that way, keeping the horse-like proportions, Carenath's body length was 6 of the 10 feet.

If I'm doing the math right, that means for an adult dragon, 40% of the length from nose to tail-fork is neck and tail, with another 40% being the torso, and 20% being the head.

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