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The subject of drudges has always bothered me. I know that pern is a fudal society and I have noticed two different models of hold life for the common people.

1, The life at Ruatha for Lessa, and life at Nabol for Piemur. I will call this type the evil system.

2, The life at Halfcircle for Menoly, and a life of general people in the wyers or any holds such as Fort and the crafts. I will call this the good system.

The difference between the two I believe is that in the former you are considered a slave and bound to the hold. Much as the surfs were in russia at the begining of the 19th century. In the latter system you are free to move out and start you own holding, start your own life. I think under the good system life is what you make it. In the evil system life you have no choices you live and die by the command of the lord holder.

My personal belief is that the majority of common people on pern live in small family holdings such as Halfcircle. Remember that the entire population of Pern is about six million and that is less then the population of New York or London. Imagine the population of new York spead across an area the size of Eurasia their is still lots of room on the northern continent. It is only till you get to the bigger holds that you have drudges. With the good system the drudges may take pride in their work and look after the hold happily as sortof a craft. In the evil system they may have no chioce this may be where the mentally challenged people end up.

So in the end I think that if you are lazy, mentally challenged, or just a slacker who shows no skill or ambition then you end up as a drudge. Remember that on Pern life at times is hand to mouth so If you do not take responsiblity for your life others will put you to work if you want to eat.
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