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Default Drudges!

They're the mentally retarded, the downright lazy, the tragically unfortunate and occasionally, the heiress in disguise.

How fluid is the role of Drudgery in Pern? What does it involve?
Can "drudgework" be defined as one part of a worker's job - gardening 4 days a week, and janitorial drudgework the rest, perhaps? Just the least favourable jobs being done because they need doing? Or rather, the jobs requiring little skill, competence or supervision, only to be trusted to those who can't be trusted themselves to do anything more complex?

Social mobility in Pern: How easy is it to become a drudge if you began life as a holder/crafter?

Once you've got sucked in to Drudge work, how restricted are your future options?
Is upwards mobility possible at all, or do you have to leave it to the next generation?

Do Apathetic Drudges breed only other drudges, or is the Hold education system succesful in providing opportunities to all?

What sort of social exclusion do drudges live with? Food, entertainment, self esteem and access to knowledge are all going to be of lower quality for the drudges, aren't they?

Would Drudges want a revolution?
Could they be bothered to do anything about it if they did?!
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