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Default Re: What is happening

We are waiting for snow here. Most of the schools have already posted early dismissals. I feel like the school year is far longer than it was when I was a kid (they start in late August and go almost to July). Some of it I blame on all the snow days. We used to go unless it was a blizzard. Now, the threat of snow closes schools. It doesn't affect me, but it bothers Mike. He finds it very disrupting to the "flow" of teaching. Not that he can't handle that, but it does seem at times they close when it isn't necessary.

Moonlady, I had not heard of the condition your son has. How awful! I hope he does not have to have surgery, in my mind that is always a last resort!

Any news on getting an MRI scheduled, Cheryl? Years ago Mike's younger brother was in an accident at school during gym class that involved banging his head. Not good! I hope they get your son feeling all better very soon!
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