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Thank you for the compliments.

Draco and Hans, The original is in no way adjusted. and at first I didn't realize that you had done anything to the pic in the second's just how observant I am. Though I am a bit sleepy so perhaps that's why.

I have not ever used photoshop and have tried and failed at using Gimp on a few occasions. though I did just pick up a book that teaches you to use photoshop, it was on sale and I'm hoping I might be able to cross it over to gimp. But we'll see what happens when I get more time.

Personally I liked this pic, I remember the day I took it and for me at least the memory of the day I take any pictures makes looking at those pics more enjoyable. I had been wondering if that feeling or emotion had come across to others that weren't with me and judging by the comments you've posted I do believe that some of my happiness from that day has been passed on.

So again thanks for the feedback and when I start working on that book and gimp again I will accustom myself to those tools that you mentioned.
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