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Default Plotbunny Adoption Center

I have some plotbunnies from time to time. They're good plotbunnies, but I don't need them (and, I don't have the necessary background to use them).

Plotbunny 1:

Jaxom, Sharra, and Kids all kick the bucket. (Plague, assassination, whatever...just kill them off.) Toric tries to make one of his kids Ruatha's new Lord (since his sister was Sharra, and his sister's kids were his nephews). Maybe even make his kid one that fostered at Ruatha, played with Jaxom's kids, etc. People who don't like that stare F'lessan down grimly as if saying, "Well? Ruatha's used to having a Lord that has a dragon, and it's not like you're fighting Thread again anytime soon. You're also the only one left with Ruathan fact, yours is purer than Jaxom's was..."


Anyone want to take the plotbunny home and make it grow up big and strong? (I don't have the time, or the background on non-Harpers to write it.)
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