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Default Re: What is happening

To be fair, I have been looking basically for this precise one for the last thirteen years. Though the fascination goes back waaaaaaaay further than that to when I was about five. My grandparents visited us back then and had a Lada, and for some reason I was totally captivated by it. Why I have no idea. I decided once I was able to drive that I fancied one, but by then they had become scarce, especially the estate (station wagon) version that I wanted, mainly because so many got shipped back to Russia in the 90s as the export cars were subject to tighter quality control and had more equipment than the cars they made for their home market.

Suffice to say I probably paid a little over the odds for it, but it's exactly the spec I was looking for, has a very low mileage, and most importantly is virtually rust free. What little there is I've already treated.

In other news, the fursuit creation has taken another step forward today. Sat down with our resident sewing and crafting expert with my reference sheet and we got the fabric ordered...all three hundred pounds worth (roughly $400 at current rates)! Never said this was a cheap hobby...still, looking like we might actually have something ready for Scotiacon...which is just around the corner now.

Speaking of that...rather a small world moment at the weekend in that I found myself staying at the hotel where that is held during my car buying trip!
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