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Piemur as Masterharper? As an old man AND Masterharper? My god, he'd troll all the Lords and Masters and Weyrleaders SO HARD. And then he'd die and some poor bastard would be left with cleaning up all of Piemur's left-over tricks. If the series were to continue on a line of nepotism, the one cleaning it up would be one of Sebell and Menolly's children, probably Robse due to his name., the Harper Hall was originally established as a college/university. When the tech broke, they fell back on music as an education device, and sort of recreated druidic traditions. But if technology is picked back up again, then you can suddenly decouple music from education, which is probably wise, and really was something Robinton himself was promoting with his cross-crafting push even though there was no talk of putting music on the back burner at the time.

If Piemur continues with computers and then eventually jigs into information sciences, then an emphasis on music wouldn't necessarily be necessary IF the Harper Hall chooses to shift its focus back to education, and thus follow computers/tech/books/etc. If the Harper Hall made actual musical ability a lesser branch of it, and higher education as its focus, then I could see Piemur being considered as a Masterharper candidate. But I also see him as being extremely eccentric, because even if he has spy abilities by the time he's a cranky old man he won't give a damn and would rather get his kicks out of trolling. a traditional Harper Hall focused on music, I don't see Piemur as being a good candidate for Masterharper, ever, but in a Harper Hall that keeps evolving under Sebell, things could be different enough that Piemur might have a chance. But only if a stronger candidate didn't appear, and if Menolly was dead or didn't want the position herself.
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