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I think I have a higher opinion/regard of/for Piemur than others. Maybe because my Pern persona is very much like him
Piemur was the major character in one book and minor in the rest. I still think that over the years he could turn out toe be very adept at politics, like Peter said, and could be Masterharper material. The perfect example of a self made man, from newspaper boy to millionaire, that sort of stuff. He needs tohose extra years though and would probably be chosen later in life and serve maybe only for a decade, or a decade and a half.

My wife is a Jancis, not exactly technical but incredibly precise, understanding, supportive, a stickler for rules, a mathmatician. Come to think of it... I must write her into some fanfic which, to my everlasting shame, I have not up to this point. I was to busy with my other Pern lady friends
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