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Default Re: Dragon population and attrition

Originally Posted by ElectricDragon View Post
Heck, if pigeons can sense the Earth's magnetic field, why wouldn't dragons be attuned to gravity and/or the magnetic field of Pern? I'd hate to think a pigeon was more capable than a dragon in any category except guano production!
What I meant is that there's no need for dragons to sense gravity (for the pigeon on Earth it is mportant, for the dragon on Pern, nope). If you could move yourself from one room to another, would you be bothered with gravity and magnetism? I don't thin so. You would be cncerned about visualisation since you don't want to end up in a wall, halfway through a (closed) door or in the middle of the heartfire.

I also don't see even a remote relevance in comparing the senses of Terran pigeons and Pernese dragons
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