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Originally Posted by Bowerbird View Post
Thanks but no thanks I doubt I will post any of the book here again. The first two posts I think said it all, I was wasting my time and I got a visit from the Grammar police.

And that after being almost ignored with other ideas I have tried to sound out here.

No thanks
And you have been a member for almost a week...

Sorry Bowerbird but we do NOT have a grammer police here (there's another Anne fan forum for that ) But you do need to be able to take criticism, yes - even if it would be unjust, most of it was not however. Such is life *shrug*
Having said that there's lots of people posting here, some will always be nice, some will generally be nice and there'll also be those that will be blunt, easily angered, stupid or even unfair. But hey... like in life you get all kinds
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