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Default Misplaced priorities!

I'm rereading these books, and it's been a while, and I had forgotten how much I dislike a certain part of Freedom’s Challenge – the “Must Make Babies Now!” campaign. It’s really problematic. First of all, they’re still stranded on an alien planet wondering whether their original captors or their new landlords are going to attack them first; Second, they’ve been having trouble assimilating all the new adults that are being constantly dumped on the planet. But that implies that there would be a good time to start pressuring every available female to start having babies.

I don’t like them pushing Kris. I find her reaction – backing away, an outraged “WHAT?!” – to be perfectly reasonable. Then Zainal tries to talk to her about it and she doesn’t want to, and is outraged that he fully supports this campaign, and he holds her down when she wants to get up and leave the conversation. Then he gets up to get her some more soup, and by the time he returns, she’s given in, saying “I guess I overreacted a little.”


This change of attitude happened over only a couple of pages, and less than a couple of hours. I would expect a lot more talking, thinking, looking at other women who are happy with the situation, before even considering the idea seriously.

Not to mention that this new policy gives every man on the planet an open invitation to proposition her.

The way she ends up getting her baby doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the way she’s told she has to start having some.
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