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Default Re: Fan Fiction - Do you have a favorite?

This is a different Janeway. Doubt I really need to explain who this Janeway is to you if you've read past the first Chapter.

Originally, Janeway and co set up the Polyandry as a way to deal with the Yilfans - It was only supposed to be a temporary gambit, but after the events in The Maze of Mines, things kinda went wonky (for want of a better word.) After that, it was either deal with it the way they did, or wind up - at best - bouncing off padded walls, at worst, the senior staff going Klingon on each other.

Sometimes, survival makes strange bedfellows. (Pun intended.)

Another thing to consider too is this is a divergent AU set up after Kahless bounced the dying Admiral Janeway from the final Episode of Voyager back in time and into her younger self.
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