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Default Re: Anatomy of a Skybroom

Originally Posted by vyon View Post
It makes more sense to me than "grubs" actually, because without it Pern would not have any indigenous flora. It seems logical that whatever process Southern flora uses to survive thread has existed as long as thread has. Maybe "grubs" enhance something that was already happening naturally?
That's exactly what I was thinking, yes! There had to be something pre-existing that came to the fore courtesy to the intense selective pressure bought about by Thread's arrival. I know that Thread doesn't attack ALL the planet ALL at the same time, and we've seen from The PERN Survey that the bare patches were recovered very quickly, but there clearly was intense pressure for plants (and animals, although looking at the lack of large native fauna on Pern, they clearly didn't do that well LOL) to evolve and survive.

I think that it's this that the grubs kick into some kind of super overdrive, plus the natural healing chemicals that plants have (I can't think what they're called off the top of my head, apologies).
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