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Default Re: Getting to know you...

Hi! I'm granath from Finland, Maria IRL. Granath is actually an old family surname, an alternate spelling of the Swedish word "granat" i.e. grenade. My RL surname is pronounced "hell-force" or near enough.

I'm 32 years young, single, no kids or pets, although I do love my parents' two cats, Pelle and Olle, very much. I like all animals, but cats are my favorite.

I work as a translator and market researcher, and in future I'd like to combine the two if possible. Languages are a hobby of mine, and apart from English I speak Finnish, Swedish, Spanish and French.

I dabble in graphic design, and am working towards learning photoshop properly. Have only just started, though, so there's a long, long way to go.

Anne McCaffrey's Talents inspired me to make a website, Towerdex. I have too many favorite authors to mention them all here, although most of the fiction books I read are either science-fiction or mysteries.

I like listening to music, where my taste is very eclectic. My current favorites are the LotR soundtracks, Ash and Seven Nations, although Bryan Adams is and always will remain my biggest influence when it comes to music.

Viggo Mortensen and Sean Bean are my favorite actors, and I'm a mod at one Viggo fansite, ViggoChronicles, as Manephelien - my Elf alter ego.
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