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Good day to you, my name is Brittany Renee and that's about as far as I'll go with it I've been known to go by the names of Britt, Lily, Audrey and Shaylin (or Shay) Shay is my favorite one so far and I've decided to name my first daughter that. I should explain that too I guess....I'm 18, will be 19 on Dec 14, 2004....I'm not married and I'm not pregnant so why do I already have names picked out for my future children? Just because I like comming up with names...that's another reason I love animals, I can name them. I have 1 dog (used to have two but one died a few weeks ago...she was my fave ) 3 cats and 2 fish. As well as I have many many characters in online RPs and every single one has a different name the only problem with naming kids is you have to match it with a last name and considering I'm not married I have no clue what that last name will be (I'm hoping though...) so I may not get my wish of naming my kids what I want cause it just might not match. you can see I ramble alot. I don't post usually unless I have something important to say. Which usually comes out everyway but I meant it. I have a very short temper and if I feel you aren't understanding me it may flare up. Though I try my best to keep it under control especially here online, it wouldn't do to have complete strangers mad at me for a misundertsanding now would it?

I'm the youngest child of two. I have one older brother who's 23 but I have many adopted siblings. One of which is my cousin who's lived with us for about 11 years of his life if you count it all up. He's younger then me by only 6 weeks. He's annoying..just like a little brother. I have an adopted older sister who's 22 and used to be my brother's girlfriend...she lives with us now and sleeps on our couch.

My favorite animal is a dolphin with squirls comming in a very close second. I haven't read any of AM's books outside of Pern. I'm a fantasy reader mostly and I hated the AIVAS thing in Pern cause it made way to SciFi for me, though it works I guess it's her world not mine. I love dragons though so I also read DragonLance whenever I can get my hot little hands on the books. I'm in college at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and I'm studying to get a BA in Biblical Studies and Secondary Ed with minor in Social Studies. This is my first semester and I'm doing pretty good. I travel to and from there every weekend, during the week I live in a dorm and therefor don't get to come online much.

I have a very serious boyfriend who lives in Mississauga, Ont, Canada. He's filipino/chinese by descent though born and raised in Canada. I'm from North Carolina, US and Irish/italian by descent so you see the interacialness of this couple? We've had dirty stares from people around here I swear it...not nice...I love him and I'm praying everyday that one day he'll ask me to marry him...I'd say yes in however long it takes my mouth and tongue to form the word.

That's it about me. Nice to meet you all and if you'd like to know more please drop me a private message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! I love to talk and meet new people.
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