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Default Re: Getting to know you...

now this is all just making me fel so young...!

i am c_ris (and my for my RL name, just substitute the '_' for an 'h')

i am aslo an Anns=e McCaffrey fan (obviously) and was on the WoAM KT for about 3months before it has had to close down.. so i have come here! I am a student at the University of Essex, studying a joint degree in History and Politics (so don't be surprised if i use these to back up any irreleveant idea i may have ). I am also very much into rock climbing, and can (as of very recently) climb 4c/5a climbs. I live in the UK and alternate between Watford (home) and Colchester (uni) as the term time dictatates!

Roedin Of Pern

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