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Default Re: Getting to know you...

Hi, I'm Kerianth (Claire in RL!) and I fell into the world of Anne McCaffrey online earlier this year. First with the KTB, then a brief flirtation with the KTL (I liked it too much and had to cut down or risk ruining my studies!) and then, through the KT, I got into PBeM roleplay.

Since I have loved Anne's books for over 20 years, this has been a wonderful experience, but unfortunately, it has been hampered by the fact that I am finally finishing my PhD after a total of nine years' work! My thesis has to be submitted before Christmas, so although I have re-joined the new-look MoM, I won't be active on the boards for a wee while to come.

However, it's lovely to see so many familiar names around and I hope to be back soon! Off to work again ....
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