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Default Re: What is happening

No fisher cats in these parts. We do have bobcats and little red foxes, both of which can make some strange noises in the night.

It is funny the names they hang on purebred animals these days. They do the same thing to horses and cats. When I was a kid my dad brought home a dachshund with a mouthful name but as far as he was concerned his name was Rudy.

My grandson who recently turned four was in the wedding of one of his uncles over the weekend. He was the "Ring Bear" and his duty was to escort his five year old cousin who was the flower girl. Well, flower girl froze and Matthew was told to go on up the aisle. He knew cousin was supposed to throw flowers so, as he made his way to the front, he pulled the flower off his lapel and threw it as one of his Aunts!
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