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Default Re: What is happening

Thank you Momer's for welcoming me back home to MoM, I have missed all my friends here so very's been like an extended family to me for ( what Hans has recently reminded me) over five years now.

We really love our hew old home, but fixing up a fifty year old house, for todays needs has been a challenge for us, but also very time comsuming. We got quite a bit of it finished just in time, for our much looked forward to visit with Hans and his lovely wife Marjon....BUT...

Since our dear friends left to return to their home in the Netherlands, we have been knee deep into the business of landscaping our new front and back yards. We finished the front frist, with some help from a hired landscaper and now we are in the process of trying to get the back garden all planted and decently established, by ourselves, before the HOT California sun comes to beat down upon us this summer, with 100 plus degrees...UGG!!!
Hopefully soon I will have more time again, to devote to my artwork and some long planned Pern projects.
Thanks again my friends for the warm welcome home...Glad to be here again!!!
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