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Default Re: What is happening

At the moment I'm nursing a very sore mouth as my dentist decided that my wisdom teeth had to go. Two went before Christmas but the two on the right hand side had to wait until now as the bottom one was impacted. Guess which part is still hurting...

Anyway, apart from that I've just finished a monster sized paper (29 pages doesn't seem too long until you realise that most papers in my area are less than 10 pages long). Work actually seems to take up most of my time these days, I have a couple of experiments on the go at the moment. I've got a year and a half to go now so I'm starting to have to prioritise a bit.

However I'm going to be moving next month to a larger flat which I'll be sharing with my boyfriend. Space will be good... particularly as my bookcase overflowed a long time ago!
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