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Default Getting to know you...

I figure I should introduce myself since I haven't been all that active online in the last 18 months, just to make sure y'all know me!

Hi. My name is Cheryl. I'm an Anne McCaffrey addict.
Oh, whoops, this isn't one of those meetings is it!

Anywho, besides being a huge Anne fan, I am also a professional Mom to year-old twins. That means I stay home with them all day (unless of course we all go somewhere together). The salary is low but the perks are high, and recently they've let me spend a lot of time at my computer so I can work on my websites (McCaffrey and Pern) -- and of course now I'm working on getting this one going. Plus my kids have an online album I update for their grandparents to see.

I've been an Anne fan since I was a teenager, and a "crazy online nutty fan" for about six years now.

Pern is definitely my area of expertise, especially the earlier books, but I've read all the rest of Anne's books and enjoy the vast majority.

So, who be you?

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