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Grass grows pretty damned fast...

You know how I'd have made this work? Thread doesn't blanket-cover the landscape the way rain does, and it falls in clumps. A lot of the damage to the ground and vegetation would be done by burrowing thread chemically changing the local environment - you see this in Dragonflight where the thread that does burrow causes wilting of the surrounding vegetation as well as consuming anything it strikes on the surface. With the grubs, I'd have them giving something toxic to thread to the plants, but not instantly effective, and the ground would of course be a no-go zone. You'd still get some damage from direct hits (and I doubt that the bits of greenery struck by thread would survive, even if the rest of the plant itself recovered fine), but no growth of thread on the surface from consuming grubbed vegetation, and definitely no burrowing.

And VERY definitely no magic healing!
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